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      I have a few questions.  We are looking to upgrade our current version of Informatica 9.1.

      1) Can someone tell me the official Informatica 9.1 End of Life (EOL)  / support date?

      2) What are the latest 2 versions of Informatica?  Which one should we upgrade to?

      3) What is the recommended platform (Windows 2010 vs. RedHat Linus 6.x vs. other?) for Informatica 9.1?  and the latest 2 versions of Informatica?


      Any help with this is appreciated.


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          Q1, End Of Lifetime for 9.1 has not yet been announced  There's a support statement available about the EOL policies, and I dare to assume that this behaviour will not be changed when version will be released. assuming that v10 will be released this year, this would mean that the normal End Of Lifetime for 9.x versions would terminate on Dec 31st/2027.


          Q2, the current version is 9.6.1 Hotfix 3. That's what I would recommend to install.


          Q3, there is no recommended platform. It depends on the infrastructure (both in terms of machines and technique available and in terms of resources who are knowledgeable enough to maintain the servers) in your project. If you have many Unix developers, they probably will feel more comfortable to have a Linux/Unix platform to develop on; if you have mostly people experienced with Windows, PowerShell, and the like, then chances are that they will feel more comfortable with Windows.

          Regarding the supported platforms I suggest you browse the Product Availability Matrices.