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    Informatica pre-installation(i9Pi) System Check Tool Results

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      I did a pre check for installing Informatica 9.6.1 hotfix 2 using i9Pi.exe.

      My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1.

      The System Check Summary Says.....

      [Fail] Operating System: Operating system is Windows 7. Not supported with the Informatica installation.


      [Fail] OPEN_CURSORS Parameter: The number of open cursors in the database is 300. If you are installing Informatica, set OPEN_CURSORS to 1000 or higher. If you are upgrading Informatica, set OPEN_CURSORS to 4000 or higher.


      [Fail] RESOURCE Privilege: The database user account does not have the RESOURCE privilege. Assign the RESOURCE privilege to the database user account.

      Is it not compatible to install Informatica 9.6 on Windows 7 Home Premium or is there something wrong with the i9Pi.exe System Check Tool.

      Please Help me out