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    Informaitca 9.6.1 Upgrade

    Gurram Balakrushna Active Member

      Hi All,


      we have a 4 nodes with 9.5.1 version, and we have a plan to upgrade that to 9.6.1 version. I have a question that can we upgrade all node parallel? or one after another node. Why i am asking in 9.6.1 there is a new security option like keyword. it will chek for domain each and every node right?


      OS: Linux

      Grid: 4 nodes


      So if any one upgraded multi node architecture parellel, please suggest us the same, or we have to upgrade node by Node..?


      thanks in advance




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          Hello, it can only be one node after the other.

          The first node migration  willl produce the siteKey file for security  that will be needed for other 3 nodes (that can then be migrated in parallel).


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            Starting from Informatica 9.6, there is concept of ‘Domain Security - Encryption key’ .This new security feature needs to be configured at the time of Informatica Installation only and requires a keyword for the new domain creation on the very first node in the domain on which you create domain. Then it will generate Sitekey which needs to be transfered to other server/nodes which you want to join in this domain.


            Thus, for the first node in the domain where you upgrade it has to be done alone and you cannot start on other nodes at this time. Once installation is done on first node in domain and you have Sitekey file, then you can install/upgrade in parallel on other 3 nodes.