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    Show Warning message in IDD User Exit

    Srinivasappa Munganahalli Active Member



      Can anyone please help me providing sample user exit code to display the warning message to user in IDD User exit. I know how to display error message by using the below code which will stop further execution.

      return new OperationResult(new OperationExecutionError("SIP-50007", getLocalizationGate()));


      But i need to display warning message and continue the execution. I tried using different classes available in SDK. I am sure the below code what i tried is not correct. Please help me sharing some sample code to display the warning message to user.

            Message  warnMsg = null ;

            warnMsg.warning("Tset warning mesag");

            //NotificationsHolder sdkjf = null;

            AfterOpenOperationResult.NotificationsHolder sdf  =  null;