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    Deleted Users showing in database

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      I had deleted users from the MDM HUB (9.0.1), all the users got deleted from HUB but some of the users still showing in CMX_ORS.C_REPOS_USER table.


      Does anyone know how this happens ? Now, How to sync the users in HUB and the CMX_ORS.C_REPOS_USER table?

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          I understand that the users in CMX_SYSTEM are at system-wide level (i.e. you can have two users for two different ORSs) as you can have multiple ORSs registered in the CMX_SYSTEM. The roles for the users are granted at ORS level so you have users in ORS also which are the subset of CMX_SYSTEM(as system is superset).


          How can you sync user as I mentioned that cmx_ors is the subset of cmx_system.

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            Yes, I understand that if user is created in CMX_SYSTEM, then those user will show in CMX_SYSTEM.C_REPOS_USER table only but if we create a user in CMX_ORS the it will show in both CMX_SYSTEM.C_REPOS_USER table and CMX_ORS.C_REPOS_USER table .

            In case of deletion the user will delete from the table/tables depend upon in which schema it was created (as mentioned above).

            So, I had created the user in CMX_ORS, so it was shown in both CMX_SYSTEM and CMX_ORS but after deleting form HUB it removed from the CMX_SYTEM but showing in CMX_ORS.


            My question is that why it is showing in CMX_ORS after deletion?, it should be deleted from CMX_ORS also.