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    XML Output: Don't display tags that have default attribute values but no tag content.

    user109255 New Member

      I have a small XML source file that I am translating into a larger XML schema that was generated from an XSD. I do not want/need to map every field in the target. The XSD has elements that have attributes with default values. When I run the mapping, I do see all of the data that I actually mapped, but I also see all of the tags for those elements that had attributes with default values. This is in spite of not passing any data to those particular elements in the target.


      All of the attributes that have default values have their use set as optional in the XSD.


      In my session I have the options for "Null content representation" and "Empty string content representation" set to "No Tag". I also have the "Null attribute representation" and "Empty string attribute representation" set to "No Attribute".


      I have also set the Custom Properties for WriteNullXMLFile=NO and SuppressNilContentMethod=ByTree.


      Is there some other setting that I am not aware of to truly exclude tags that don't have content but have default values for attributes? Or is there some other way to exclude these tags?