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    Facing issue with SAP R/3 source filter in program flow

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      we have huge amount of source data in IDOC sources, I want to restrict the selection of data at source level itself by date. It is also required to prevent our workflows failing due to CPIC timeout error. Alex needs all the records only after 01/01/2014 so if we will filter out rest of the records from processing, it will surely improve the performance.


      We have option to specify filter condition at source level. I tried all possible options to specify a filter condition, it is not accepting any. I tried for different datatypes as well (like for date, string datatypes). Its throwing below error message:


      Message: Error in passing parameters to SAP R/3 system: [===> Pass parameters: Failed.

      SAP system exception raised.


      message = Exception condition "NO_ROWS_IN_ZERPPARSEQ_TABLE" raised.



      Please note that, workflow is running fine without any filter condition at source level. Getting this error when using source level filter. We would be required to know if any additional setup is required when using source level filter in SQ program flow.