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    Pushdown Teradata Views

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      In my enviroment I have PowerCenter 9.0 and database Teradata, using Pushdown Optimization.

      The workload have lots of sessions and frequent occurs deadlock errors. In order to, solve the problem I drop the temporary view and restart the job.



      I would like to know instead of create view use replace view statement for Pushdown Optimization. Because even if the errors happen is just necessary to rerun the session.



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          you can load the tables using FLoad, MLoad , etc Utilities . For data extraction you use view on these tables.

          so for example the data will be loaded to the Data.TgtTable and any reports are built on Report.TgtTable.

          Where Data and Report are 2 separate databases.


          Syntax of the view is like this.

          REPLACE VIEW Report.TgtTable AS

          LOCKING TABLE Data.TgtTable FOR ACCESS

          SELECT * FROM Data.TgtTable ;


          Above method you will not encounter the lock issue.

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            Some jobs have MLoad and FastLoad. However there are jobs that use Full Pushdown and use create view statement, as you can see in the box below.

            This statement is not allow me to change manually, PowerCenter creates it and I would like to change to REPLACE VIEW statement.