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    Receiver and Source statistics using Java API for UM

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      Hi Guys,


      We're using UMS 6.5 and trying to use the Java API to pull out statistics on sources and receivers however the statistics aren't being updated regularly.


      We're calling the below the first time we need the stats:

      LBMReceiverStatistics receiverStats = getReceiverStatistics(numberOfReceivers);


      We're then reading off the data we are interested in and periodically calling the below to refresh the stats:

      receiverStats.refresh(context, numberOfReceivers)


      We're then calling the below when we no longer want any stats:



      However the stats don't seem to update.  According to them, our number of messages received isn't even increasing.

      Are we doing something wrong? Is there a more useful guide for how to use the monitoring Java API as all I can seem to find is the JavaDoc which isn't useful at all for building our first working implementation.