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    Internal error while importing excel template for Business Glossary in Analyst 9.6.1

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      Off late our Informatica has been upgraded to 9.6.1 from 9.6.0. Now we are trying to import the excel template for Business Glossary into our glossary. If we import the categories and business terms without linking them, it gets uploaded fine. But none of the Business Terms ar asociated to any category.

      Next we exported the Categories into excel, took their Categories ID and manually put them against each corresponding Business terms .


      Here we are facing the issue. We are getting the following error:


      [PRSVCSHARED_00603] Internal error. Object being saved is referencing a ['com.informatica.metadata.bg.BGAttributeInstance'] object that does not have its top container as a FirstClass object. Contact Informatica Global Customer Support.

      Can anyone help in this?