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    To Check lbmrd is running or not

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      Hi Friends,


      I am using LBM v5.3.

      For my application I need to check whether the lbmrd process is up and running or not.

      I need to check this progrmatically using (c++/C)


      Please advice.




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          You can check for resolver inactive messages using the lbm_log message callback function (sample applications such as lbmrcv.c implement this callback function).


          You could register for example, this type of function using lbm_log():


          int lbm_log_msg(int level, cont char *message, void *client)


          if (strncmp(message, "Core-5688-3375: unicast resolver ... went inactive", 14) == 0) {

               RESOLVER_INACTIVE_FLAG = 1


          [ .. ..]


          You will need to add the resolver_unicast_daemon configuration, and possible modify the resolver_unicast_activity_timeout and resolver_unicast_check_interval configurations so that the timeout message can be observed more quickly than the default.


          Hopefully that helps.