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    Leveraging DQ rules with scorecard feature

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      I am new to the IDQ tool and wanted to understand the options in IDQ to track the quality of data using the rules built by leveraging the scorecarding built-in functionality so data stewards can review.


      1. Would I first have to run the DQ rule in a mapping to create a new column for that rule with the valid/invalid value within the source data I am profiling, then use this column to specify Valid value as the Is valid indicator in the scorecard to track DQ progress? Other options to use the rules?


      2. What table is the scorecarding results generated and captured in within the IDQ model repository?


      3. Can you schedule the scorecards to generate?


      I originally was thinking I could leverage the data domain discovery and run the rule through that process and track in a scorecard, but that does not seem to work with the scorecarding if I am not mistaken. It seems this is more for analyzing trends in the data and not integrated with the scorecarding tracking/monitoring portion.


      Appreciate input on this to make sure I have a clear understanding on my options.