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    'Unable to communicate with Administrator Deamon in VIBE Data streams'

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      I have installed Informatic VIBE DataStream Free Edition (Windows 7 64 SP1). In AdministrationConsole I have defined VibeDataStream Service but when navigating to the panel where I would build workflows I get the following error:


      Unable to communicate with the Administrator Daemon. Verify that the Administrator Daemon and LBMRD are up, and verify the connectivity between the Administrator tool and Administrator Daemon.


      I checked the documentation and in troubleshooting section the following reasons are listed:


      1/ Administrator Deamon or  LBMRD is down - have checked they both are running - have even restarted them and they work fine

      2/ Administrator tool is configured incorrectly

      Verify that the  confURL field in the  C:\Informatica\vds\210\mnm\config\mnm.cnf file is pointing to the  Administrator Daemon URL


      Would you please clarify what 'Administrator Daemon URL' is? In my case I have set it to localhost:1234 just by chance as documentation does not tell what to take into account when setting this value.



      Also, error message suggests to 'verify the connectivity between the Administrator tool and Administrator Daemon'. How can I verify this connection?


      Thanks in advance for your help