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    LBMRD connection

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      Hi there,


      Several questions about LBMRD below.


      1. Would there be any log option to display the current / historical unicast connection to the LBMRD in log ?

      2. Any tool we can use to view the real time connection of LBMRD (can use trreq)?


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          The unicast topic resolver daemon (lbmrd) doesn't provide any connection logs or statistics today. It has minimal state information regarding it's clients but it sounds like that would be useful and we have discussed ways that the information might be presented in future daemons.


          We use Wireshark to monitor realtime network activity including unicast topic resolution. As of the latest beta version the UM dissectors are part of the Wireshark source. The lbmtrreq example program uses the Topic Resolution Request API to cause quiescent sources, receivers, or wildcard patterns to be sent in response to the request. This will refresh client lists in the resolver daemon.


          If this is an ongoing issue please open a support request and I'll have one of my engineers work with you.




          Steve Piette