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        Hi Rupa Ravindran,


        To Install Fast Clone on Windows, use the platform-specific installation .zip file that Informatica provides for

        your operating system.

        1. Transfer the installation .zip file to a directory on the Windows system with the Oracle source instance.

        Informatica recommends that you retain this file in case you need to reinstall the product.

        2. Create a directory for the Fast Clone version that you are installing, for example:

        C:\Informatica\Fast Clone 9.6

        3. Extract the contents of the installation .zip file into the new directory.

        Select the Use folder names box to maintain the directory structure.

        4. Optional. Create a shortcut on the desktop for starting the Fast Clone Console.

        Right-click the gui.cmd file in the top-level installation directory and select Create shortcut. Then drag

        the shortcut to the desktop.

        5. Define the FAST_READER_HOME environment variable to identify the Fast Clone installation root



        For details, refer to the Chapter 3, page number 11 in the below document.



        Hope this helps.


        Thanks and Regards,