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    Informatica Upgrade

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      Hi All,


      I am working on informatica 5.1 which is a very old version and we are planning to upgrade to 9.5 through 7.1-->8.6-->9.5. Do you have any case studies for informatica upgrade and also what are the common post upgrade issues which we might encounter. Also what are the major areas which we need to  focus on validation post upgrade apart from data validation after performing parallel loads in old and new environment using 5.1 & 9.5 respectively. Any inputs will be helpful.




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          Srikanth Vishnuvajhala Guru



          Do you have version 7.x in your current environment?




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            No Srikanth, we presently use 5.1 but planning to  use the upgrade path of 5.1-->7.1-->8.6-->9.5.

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              Srikanth Vishnuvajhala Guru

              If you do not have v7.x, then the situation is little complex here because you need this version up and running in order to perform the upgrade.


              Informatica does not support version 7 and 8.6 any more and I am not sure if they can provide the s/w for that. However as a first step, raise this question with Informatica and see what they say. Based on the reply you get from them, we will discuss the next steps.

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                Yes, Informatica will be providing the 7.1 as its a upgrade to 9.5 and thats the only suggested upgrade path which has been recommended. I am more interested to know any case studies for this kind of upgrade/the common post upgrade issues which we might encounter &  major areas which we need to  focus on validation post upgrade.




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                  Srikanth Vishnuvajhala Guru

                  Personally I have not upgraded Informatica from 5.x to 7.x, but I did upgrade for 7.x to other versions. From 7 to other newer versions, some of the high level steps are ..


                  1. Install Informatica 8.6 on the Server (Create just the Domain and make sure that the Domain starts)

                  1. Go to Informatica Repository Administration Console (RAC) and take the backup of Version 7.x Repository.

                  2. Create a new Repository on RAC with the name you would like to have on 8.6 by pointing to the database schema created for 8.x.

                  3. On RAC, restore the Version 7.x Repository which was created in Step 1 on to the 8.6 schema. After restoring the Repository contents successfully, stop the Repository on RAC.

                  4. Now log in to the Informatica Administration Console on v8.6, create a new Repository Service with the name and database details same as the one created on v7.x.

                  5. Now enable the Repository on 8.6 and upgrade the contents. After upgrading the contents, upgrade Users and Groups.


                  Post the upgrade, some of the things to watch out for are ...


                  1. DTM bottlenecks.

                  2. Read/Write/Transformation thread busy percentage.

                  3. Lookup cache performance and paging.

                  4. CPU usage

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                    Anji Gannavarapu New Member

                    Hi Srikanth,


                    I have question on creating new repo schema on Oracle database. How much is the min starting size of Repo schema account we need to allocate on 9.1 environment. I see some documents recommended size is 40MB.

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                      Srikanth Vishnuvajhala Guru



                      Informatica recommends a minimum size of 200 MB is required for creating the Domain and Repository schemas.




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                        Shannon Heustess Guru

                        Having done way to many of these I can share some upgrade experience.  I would leverage IPS as part of this as they have done these and can bring in VM based environments to minimize the impact to your hardware and software.  You have to think about the following:


                        PC 5 supports Oracle 8 and 9 which you may have up and running in your existing environment but is not supported in the higher versions of PC.


                        PC 5 may run on windows 2000 but does not run on Windows 7 or Server 2008


                        The upgrade from 5 to 7 is the slowest process.  You have the backup and restore process inside of the Adminconsole in 7 where it is in Repository Manager for 5.


                        Backup the repository in each step of the way as a precautionary step so you do not have to go all the way back to the beginning.


                        I would test the batches converted to proper workflows / sessions.

                        I would test data lands correctly inside of the targets. 


                        DVO can help here but can not target the PC 5 metadata directly so you will need to have a upgraded target metadata inside of PC instance that DVO supports

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                          Thanks Srikanth for inputs, will add those to my list of things to be validated/verify.

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                            Thanks Shannon!!!