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    Masking multiple columns interrelated

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      Hello All,


      I have a scenario where i want to mask  address of a particular customer.

      For example the customer table has ID,company_nm,first_nm,last_nm, addr1,addr2,city,state,postal code as it columns.

      I want to mask the address (which is a combination of aadr1,addr2,city,state and postal code) such that the city,state and postal codes are valid.


      I know that this could be achieved using the ILM PII pack, but i want to check on how we can achieve it using the basic(Random,shuffle etc) techniques we have.




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          Nagaraja Ganiga Guru

          Can you let me know the sample values for that table? I am interested in knowing the values stored in addr1 & addr2.


          We can use "Substitution" data masking to mask Addr1/Addr2 using "Address.dic" file and use "Dependent" Masking technique to mask City, State, Postal Code. Using Dependent masking ensures the City, State, Postal Code information are valid (according to addr1/addr2).


          Thank you,

          Nagaraja Ganiga

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            Hi Nagaraja,


            Thank you for replying.

            The sample values for addr1 and addr2 in my table are as below.

            ADDRESS1                                                                 ADDRESS2                                                              

            ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------

            4-976 Sugarloaf Hwy                                                      Suite 202                                                               

            PO Box Z-547                                                                                                                                     

            1 Neptune Lane                                                           Unit 2                                                                  

            632-1 Third Street                                                       Suite 501                                                               

            23-738 Paddington La                                                                                                                             

            32 Main St.                                                                                                                                      

            7865 NE Barber Ct.                                                                                                                               

            15243 Underwater Fwy                                                                                                                             

            203 12th Ave.                                                            Box 74                                                                  

            PO Box 8535                                                                                                                                      


            I am using Persistent Data Masking and data subsetting version 9.5.2 HotFix2. The masking techniques in this version did not have the "Dependent " type masking. But if you intend me to use Substitution masking and in that dependent type, i don't see that option. could you give me more clear approach on how to use it?




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              Nagaraja Ganiga Guru

              Create a Substitution Masking Rule with Address dictionary File.


              Now, Create a Advanced Rule to mask Addr1 (Substitution), City, State, zip (Dependent)


              Create Variable port for address and mask it using previously created Substitution rule:


              Now, Create other variable ports to mask City, state, Zip etc using Dependent Masking


              Now, create two Output Ports and use Variable Ports as Expression. Assign this Rule to columns. Please refer to TDM User Guide / Admin Guide for more information on Advance Rule.


              Thank you,

              Nagaraja Ganiga

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                Hi Nagaraja,


                My requirement is to mask address1 column, if using substitution masking then the address after masking should have valid city,state and postal code for that new street address(masked address1 column).


                As per my understanding from the scenario you mentioned above, the expression with variable ports would concatenate or use other functions to generate one single column for address,city,state,zip. (Please correct me, if  I'm wrong).


                To be more clear, i want the address1 column masked and for that valid masked address we should get the dependent column values. How can we achieve this.


                I have created an advanced rule with input ports for address,city,state,postal_code. Variable ports for all of these with address having a masking rule (substitution using address dictionary file), and the rest as dependent on the variable address column. How many output ports does it need and after creating the rule, while specifying how to assign the ports.


                Please help me with this scenario.

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                  Thameem Ansari Active Member

                  Hello Ramya,


                  Were you able to solve this requirement?


                  If yes, please tell me how you achieved it since I have a same kind of requirement in TDM.


                  Thanks in Advance

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                    sunny K Seasoned Veteran

                    Have you tried Shuffle masking with Representative & constraint option? constraint being zip code or state where the masked will stay with in the same state or zip code.