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    Ultra Messaging Podcast ideas

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      I'm currently recording the first video in a set where I aim to build an Ultra Messaging application from scratch.


      I'm going to start by writing a very simple source and receiver, without all of the flexibility, options and inherent complexity of the LBMSource and LBMReceiver sample apps, and then in each subsequent video I'm going to add in a feature or option which I think is useful or interesting.


      I would love some feedback and ideas from all of the UM customers out there - what would you like to see me implement, is there a new feature in the latest release which you want to see working, or is there a feature you're currently struggling to implement?


      I'll be writing the application in Java, because that's the language that I'm most comfortable using, but if I get enough complaints/pleading for solutions in C++ or C# I'll try to make that happen as well.   


      Please feel free to reply to this discussion with your ideas and suggestions, and I'll try to include and cover as many of them as I can in future videos.


      The videos will be hosted on the UM Informatica channel on YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/user/INFASupport, along with our other UM Support videos, and I'll also link to them from the new Ultra Messaging Knowledge Base homepage, https://communities.informatica.com/infakb/whitepapers/4/Pages/1/147259.aspx.