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    questions regarding lbm_rcv_retrieve_all_transport_stats

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      I need to get transport statistics of LBM by calling lbm_rcv_retrieve_all_transport_stats(). As I can see this function takes pointer of lbm_rcv_t. Whereas in place of ordinary LBM receiver, I am using LBM wildcard receiver (lbm_wildcard_rcv_t).


      If I call this method by typecasting lbm_wildcard_rcv_t to lbm_rcv_t, it generates core dump with stack-trace:


      LOG Level 1: Core-5688-7: FATAL: failed assertion [rcv->ctx!=NULL] at line 3150 in ../../../../src/lib/lbm/lbmrcv.c


      0  0x0000003474c328a5 in raise () from /lib64/libc.so.6

      #1  0x0000003474c34085 in abort () from /lib64/libc.so.6

      #2  0x00007f8e78a2f66c in mul_fail_assert (exp=0x7f8e78d24287 "rcv->ctx!=NULL", file=0x7f8e78cedf30 "../../../../src/lib/lbm/lbmrcv.c", line=3150, fatal=1) at ../../../../src/lib/lbm/mullog.c:398

      #3  0x00007f8e78a92626 in lbm_rcv_retrieve_all_transport_stats_ex (rcv=0x2eecd80, num=0x7f8e77311c94, size=864, stats=0x7f8e70003a20) at ../../../../src/lib/lbm/lbmrcv.c:3150

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          This is explained in the documentation in Ultra Messaging Concepts > Initial Monitoring Questions.

          In the case of wildcard receivers, only the context may be monitored. UM creates wildcard receivers dynamically as it detects topics which match the wildcard pattern. The application does not have access to these dynamically-created receivers. So the only way to monitor a wildcard receiver is to monitor the context on which it was created.