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    Data Mismatch in displaying the NLS data through virtual provider

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      We are in process of archiving data in our SAP BW 7.0 system  using NLS 3.1 MR2 solution provided by Informatica. We are using virtual providers to retrieve data from NLS. Virtual Providers are created and added to MultiProviders and reporting is done based on MultiProviders.


      The data retrieval from NLS via Virtual Provider behaves erratic for different fiscal periods - some fiscal periods show correct data while most of the fiscal periods have differences in key figure values compared to pre snap shot.



      It is observed that the problem is with displaying the NLS data through Virtual Provider. If we choose the option 'Use DB Aggregation' for the virtual provider, data displayed is different compared to the data when the DB aggregation option is not chosen. The difference shown in pre and post snap shots at query level is the difference between aggregated and detailed data display at virtual provider level. All the field mapping in MultiProvider has been validated for virtual provider . There are no filters at query level and same variables, selections are used to take pre and post snap shots hence results are expected to be same.


      Please provide the inputs if any one faced the above issue.


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