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    Inline monitor_transport_opts?

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      I've seen previously that one could configure the context monitor_transport_opts with inline key/value pairs like:


      context monitor_transport_opts context|transport_lbtrm_source_port_low=15000\;context|transport_lbtrm_source_port_high=15500


      Instead of configuring the monitor_transport_opts with an external file like:


      context monitor_transport_opts config=/foo/bar/monitor_config.cfg


      Is the inline configuration specification still supported in UMS 5.3.x? If so is the inline configuration format documented anywhere?

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          Yes, the inline configuration is still supported in UM 5.3.x. There is a link page in the Knowledge Base that lists all of the articles that have been written about monitoring:




          One article in particular contains an in-depth guide to monitoring and troubleshooting:




          I've also cut and pasted the relevant description of the command-line options for monitor_transport_opts:


          monitor_transport_opts (context)


          An option string to be passed to the LBMMON transport module for automatic monitoring. Individual LBM options can be specified as <scope>|<option>=value, where:

          <scope> is one of context, source, receiver, wildcard_receiver, or event_queue

          <option> is the LBM configuration option name

          As well as individually specified options, the config transport option can be used to load a normal UM config file and apply its settings (e.g. transport, topic resolution) to the monitoring topic. For example:

          lbmmon --transport-opts="config=LBTRM.cfg"


          So to specify the monitor_transport_opts inline you can do something like:


          lbmmon --transport-opts="context|resolver_multicast_address=;topic=stats_topic"


          Let me know if you need help for a specific example and we can work out the exact command-line that you need.

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            Hi David,


            That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot!