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    UMDS Authentication

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      I am attemption to configure authentication of the UMDS component.


      When setting application authentication I get LoginDenied & the msg:


      "Received Status 1 from server - authentication 'none' not enabled"


      I have set the appl_name in the clients UMDSServerConnection constructor. Is there another property or option I am missing?


      umds-cfg.xml has:



               <basic xml:space="preserve">/home/asgdev/mSeries/blizzard/blizzard-server/current/properties/umds-auth-cfg.xml</basic>



      umds-auth-cfg.xml has :


          <application name="myAppName">


                  <!-- Allow application "myAppName" to reconnect and give ability to override this setting -->

                  <server-reconnect client-write="yes">0</server-reconnect>


              <!-- Allow application "myAppName" to send messages regardless of who is using it -->

              <permissions> <can-send>1</can-send> </permissions>




      Also, is it possible to have authentication on the web-monitor?


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      Stephen Smith

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          Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.



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            I've created service request 1-221227377 to respond to this, and contacted Jamil Ahmed to get you added to an appropriate support project. You should have received an email about this. If not, contact me again and I'll make sure it's sorted.

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              Thanks for your questions and I hope that my answers on your service request were sufficient. I wanted to send an update for anybody else who has been following this discussion.


              In the latest version of UMDS,, there is an issue with the Application authentication logic - this will be resolved in a future release. Until then, the workaround is to use User authentication to control access to the UMDS server. 


              There is also an enhancement request to allow the user to enable or disable the various control objects within the UMDS webmonitor, specifically whether the webmonitor will include the options to disconnect a client or stop the server entirely.


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              David Johnstone

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