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    Ultra Messaging or IBM MQ

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      I need to know which one of these Ultra messaging & IBM MQ is the better option when we are dealing with high volumes of real time messaging system. volume peaks 30,000 messages/sec. Can IBm MQ handle it or UM can handle it?


      Advantages of UM over MQ. Why should our organization go for Informatica Ultra Messaging or why should we not. Key diferences or advantages would be useful to know.


      Please advise!




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          I'll ask one of our sales people to contact you, they have lots of comparative information.

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            Abhilash Mula Guru

            I never encountered a system that is publishing 30000 msg/sec and MQ is handling them ?I would be interested to know if IBM MQ can handle 30000 messages/sec. If you really have this system i think UM is an option for you , i personally never worked on UM but based on the demos UM is faster irrespective of volumes , data , platform.....


            Contact a sales rep for more info.



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              One of my former customers is sourcing a proprietary in-house messaging system which can deliver up to 35,000 messages per second. The workflow I've helped to set up can at best load app. 15,000 records per second, but as far as I know the bottleneck is the Oracle target DBMS (which is not at all slow, it's just that there are 17 targets with high throughput in this mapping).

              So 30,000 messages per second are quite possible. I don't have any clue whether IBM MQ Series could handle this, but that's not an option for the customer anyway. The volume is absolutely real.


              I haven't worked with UM myself yet, but as far as I have heard it can handle volumes which are more than ten times as high. Again, that's what I've heard.




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                Sunil, someone should have contacted you by now - did you get the information you wanted?

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                  Hi Phil,


                       You think you could reply that same information to myself, I have a customer with a Websphere Message broker, who is asking us if we could emulate a message broker with PowerCenter which he already paid for.  It seems they lack the experience and the expertise to fully setup their broker.  We we are trying to avoid creating any Message Broker task within PowerCenter, which is why we are going to propose UltraMessaging instead, and if they do agree to buy it, we will need to learn about it real fast.

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                    I think the primary question (performance aside) is how you prefer to design your application infrastructure. Do you prefer pub/sub over topics, for example, or not? UM is a message bus where any application can dig into the complete set of published data, MQ as far as I have seen are not so.


                    Personally, I wouldn't choose WebSphere MQ for any reason, rather look at something else if UM is not the proper fit for your organisation.