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    9.1 HF4 Analyst Profiling "Login timeout expired"...but it's not

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      I am getting this error when profiling SQL tables...but not all of them.


      serviceType serviceName severity timestamp threadName messageCode message
      DataIntegrationService DIS_SVC_DSC_DEV 0$_:_$FATAL 04/18/2013 09:40:34.598 AM 1259 MSG java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.informatica.platform.ldtm.common.ExecutionException: [LDTM_0072] The operation did not run correctly because of the following error: [RR_4036 Error connecting to database [
      Windows authentication is used to access the Microsoft SQL Server database

      Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server: Login timeout expired
      SQL State: HYT00 Native Error: 0

      Database driver error...
      Function Name : Connect
      Database Error: Failed to connect to database using user [] and connection string [had20013].].].


      The bizarre thing is that it does NOT fail to connect. If I select "first 100 rows", it works fine. Other tables in the same database profile with no issues. One table will profile correctly if I specify "first x rows" where x = the actual numer of rows in the table, but gives the above error if I ask for a profile of "all rows". Data preview is correct, so the connectivity is obviously there.


      Has anyone else seen this?