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    Disaster Recovery (DR) for PowerCenter without HA Option

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      Preparing DR plan for a PowerCenter without HA Option environment.


      We have a separate DR Domain, Nodes and Application Services on the DR server. DR setup is a mirror image of our Prod environment. We will Setup scripts to backup Domain and Repository metadata and to sync Prod and DR file systems on a daily basis. 


      When the real DR situation arises, We will restore the latest copies of PROD - Domain and Repsitory metadata on the DR site to have the business continuity.



      As our DR is on different server( Hostname) and DR - Repository service and Integratio service name is also different than PROD.I guess we need to update these information when we restore the Prod - Domain and Repository metadata on the DR site.


      Does anybody have some detail how to update these information to have services up and running in DR ?


      Thank You !