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    Memory is not getting released after the completion of session run

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      Hi guys,


      I have workflow which has three sessions to run the parser, mapper and serializer DT components and i am using the JMS queses as source and target.

      After the parser session completed the file processing the output of this will goes to the mapper as input.


      Once the parser session completed its running, it is not releasing the memory which it took around 14GB at the time of processing. Since the free memory availability in the server itself 15 GB, the next session running taking the memory from swap. So it is taking more time to complete the process.


      Note: I have configured my workflow as to run continuously and I can't change this confs.


      Could you please give me the solution how to release the memory after the successful completion of file processing at each session?


      Looking forward for the quick resolution from you guys.


      Thanks in advance!