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    License usage




      I have a question regarding license usage for Informatica. I have a license for 4 CPU for Informatica 9.1.0 with HF4.


      I have domain of 2 nodes (Both with dual core 2 CPU=4 CPU) in my production and in my UAT environment.


      My question is:


      1. How will license treat CPU limit, if the same license is being used in production and in UAT environment will it maximum support 4 CPU in both environment or 4 CPU total (2 in production and 2 in UAT).


      I don't know how can I check this from the license utilization report but if someone can give answer then it will help me streamline my setup.





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          I believe you need to get separate  new License for your Production 9.1 Environment. Please check with IFORMATiCA  support on the same.




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            I have two separate license, I just want to understand of implication of using the same license in two different environments.


            Reaching out to Informatica support is obviously the easiest choice but I wanted to check with folks who have first hand experience if possible on this one.




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              Robert Whelan Guru


              Informatica licensing can be very individual due to the granularity of the options so you should discuss this with your Account Manager.

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                MdAdilShariff Guru

                HI Vaibhav,


                As per my understanding Informatica has Production and NonProduction licenses...


                If you have Production license for 4 CPU's then similar license or less can we used for NonProd as well.


                Don't worry, if you crossed the limits , it will be captured in the License Report




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                  As I know -non-prod license can be used for any Test environments. Prod license should be purchased individually.

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                    New Member


                    Whatever the license is mentioned on Number of CPUs, number of instances .. they wont stop technically using ifnormatica.

                    however they are the agrement for the legal issues.


                    And in this scenario, I guess it does not have any issue, because the max number of CPU on a machine is 4.


                    Do you have GRID and HA lincense enabled?

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                      You can have any cores on non prod which wont have any issue as it should be unlimited license but in prod you should have the CPU as agreed in the license either 2 cores, 4 cores, 8 cores, 16 cores whatever; again licensing are purely customer specific. Its better to reach our to your account manager.

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                        Srikanth Vishnuvajhala Guru

                        Informatica treats the licenses in terms of number of CPUs. Informatica has categorized PoweCenter licenses into 2 types. 1. Lab License 2. Prod License


                        Anything which is used on non prod environment is considered as a Lab license.


                        For example, if you purchased a lab license for 20 CPUs, there is no limit on number of PowerCenter Servers the License is being used as long as the total number of CPUs do not exceed authorized limit of 20. In other words, you have 4 non prod environments say for example, dev1, dev2, test, uat on 4 separate machines and you have a domain running on each node having 5 CPUs. In this case you are in compliance as the total number of cpus used is 4x5=20 CPUs.



                        In Informatica Licensing terms CPU means the following:


                        CPU (Central Processing Unit) or Single-Core Processor is a single complete computation engine (execution core) that is fabricated on a single chip that plugs into a single socket. Multi-Core Processor integrates two (2) or more execution cores on a single chip that plugs into a single socket. For purposes of licensing, each execution core on a chip is counted as a CPU-core. For example, Software deployed on a CPU containing a single quad-core chip would be counted as four (4) CPU-cores in determining license fees and entitlements.


                        Lab CPU-cores (or “Lab CPUs”) means the total number of CPU-cores licensed to support one (1) or more Software Application Services in a Lab Environment.

                        Lab License means use of the Software solely for development, testing and/or quality assurance purposes in a non-production environment.


                        You can generate the license usage reports on Administration console under Reports tab.


                        Also you can get the License usage information on the Domain log file. It shows something like..


                        2012-09-14 12:16:23 : INFO : (0 | http-6001-Processor3196) : (PCSF | License Usage) : node01_dev : LIC_10031 : License [License_multiOS_Dev] logical CPU count [20] authorized on platform [AIX:64]; actual [8] logical CPUs in use. The services currently running on the license are: node01_dev: REP_DEV, INTSRV_D, INTSRV_T.


                        Talk to your Sales Rep of Informatica for your company to get more details about your License terms.






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                          Good Information!! Appreciate it.

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                            New Member

                            Good Information!! Appreciate it!!!...