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    Upgrade from 8.6.1 to 9.5 and switching from Windows to Unix

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      We are planning to upgrade from 8.6.1 to 9.5 in a near future and we would like to take advantage of this transition time to switch our Informatica Environnement from Windows to Unix.


      Since the OS on our target Informatica server would be different from what we have on the source, I guess there is no other option for us than the "Parallel Upgrade" strategy.


      I would like to know if you see any potention risks, problems or anything I should consider regarding the migration of the ETL environnement to a fresh target domain with a diffrent OS.


      Browsing the community forum, I also found about the 9.1 Upgrade planner.


      Is there a 9.5 version of this course or should I just use this one.


      Are there any other usefull ressources I should know about?


      Also, our repsitory is hosted on a 10gR2 (UTF-8) database. Will this setup work with Infa 9.5?



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          Rohit Vashisht Guru



          Please go through this upgrade doc provided by Informatica support.





          Yes oracle 10g R2 with UTF codepage will work for INFA 9.5 Env setup.





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            MdAdilShariff Guru

            Hi Lambert,


            One sugggestion through experience:--


            Any upgrade projects where Platform migration is also involved, it's better to have more number of Database users created..which will help you in smooth migration...with out impacting the current env.


            Can you clarify more on "Parallel Upgrade" strategy means...?


            Which Unix flavour you are planning to migrate to?




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              I hope you don’t have/have minimum dependency on OS scripts. Otherwise, you might have to take special care to convert them during platform change.




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                Rohit Vashisht Guru

                Hi Adil,


                My understanding on Parallel Upgrade is :


                Parallel Upgrade process is Installing a fresh copy of the INF server with existing 8.6.1 version and taking a replica of your existing ETL Environment and upgrading the Replicated 8.6.1 Env to 9.5 on the same server.





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                  @RV : Thanks for the link, this will certainly be helpfull


                  @SK : As far as I am aware, we don't use a lot of OS scripts in our Infa environnement. I will still add this item to my checklist and make sure that we consider it in our planning. Thanks


                  @Adil : Thanks for the response.

                  When you talk about database users created, are you refering to multiple repository databases?


                  I am referering to the parallel upgrade strategy as it is described in the following presentation :


                  Like RV said, the goal is to install a fresh copy of the infa server, take a snapshot of the ETL environment and upgrade the snapshot on the new server.


                  We are actually planning on using RedHat.



                  So, from what I understand here's what it would look like :

                  1. Install infa 9.1 on the new RedHat server and create a new domain

                  2. Export users and groups

                  3. Create an empty repository in the windows domain.

                  4. Copy content of the old respository to the new repository (in the windows domain) using the snapshot command

                  5. Create a new repository service on the new RedHat domain and use the new repository.

                  6. Upgrade the repository using the wizard on the new RedHat domain


                  I just want to make sure I won't have any problem "importing" the environnement snapshot in the RedHat domainsince it has been exported from a Windows domain.

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                    Manjeet Roy New Member


                    I could see that most of the points has been already covered.


                    Just wanted to check if you have any native ms sql server connection?

                    If yes than you need to change all SQL server connection to ODBC as native SQL server connection is not supported in UNIX.



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                      Naveen Kumar Reddy Kanuganti New Member

                      Just to be Sure :


                      1. Unschedule all jobs

                      2. Backup domain using backupdomain command.

                      3. Restore the domain in New Schema XYZ using restore domain command.

                      4. Backup Repository(just in case)  using admin console to .xml


                      and then start working on List you mentioned.


                      Also please save a copy files version.txt, 8.6.1/server/config--> nodemeta.xml

                      and 8.6.1/server/tomcat/conf -->> server.xml


                      If something happens while installing. These can be used to Restore Everything.

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                        Rohit Vashisht Guru

                        Hi lambert,


                        Your approach is perfect.


                        Once you have new domain created with all Informatica application services on Linux server , you need to do Repository upgrade.


                        Just an FYI on approach if you want to have a Parallel Upgrade startegy, where you have your 8.6.1 running on windows

                        server, and parallely you keep on upgrading 8.6.1 repo Metadata in stages or application wise.



                        Note : You need to rework scripts part, your bat scripts wont work in linux so you need to write new scripts. Also you need to create File system directories w.r.t you informatica applications.



                        Please find below listed steps on my approach on INF 8.6.1 metadata upgrade to 9.5

                         Have one empty schema created from DBA that is required for METADATA

                         Create one Repository service (Test)  in 8.6.1 and 9.5  using this DB schema

                         Also  Create one Repository service  in 8.6.1 using same DB schema

                         Get  Repository service  in 8.6.1 to exclusive mode and enable it

                         Create content in Repo service  (Test)  in 8.6.1

                         Once create content is over go through the create content creation summary and confirm the successful massage

                         Now go to Repo Manager client tool and connect to both 8.6.1 source and 8.6.1 test Repo

                         Now copy the folders from 8.6.1 source Repo to Test Repo in 8.6.1 Environment.

                         Once copy is complete then disable the Repo service  (Test)  in 8.6.1 Environment

                         Now login to 9.5 admin console and Enable the Repo service (Test) in 9.5 admin console in exclusive mode.

                         Now go to actions tab in the 9.5  Repo Service test and click upgrade contents

                         Once upgrade contents is completed confirm the success message at the end. This process will upgrade the 8.6.1 metadata to 9.5

                         Now next step is to upgrade the users and groups

                         Once all Metadata upgrade is completed  copy the folder from Test Repo in 9.5 Environment to actual 9.5 DEV Repo

                         This completes the Metadata upgrade process



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                          @Manjeet : Fortunately, we are only using Oracle ODBC and web services connections, that should not be an issue in our case. Thanks for the tip though


                          @Naveen : Thanks for the config restore tip, I will take a note on that


                          @RV : Thanks for the detailed procedure. This confirms what I understood from the above mentionned presentation.


                          Since this process implies a lot of repository copying, I guess cleaning and purging unused versions and objects on the source repo would be the first step to a smooth upgrade.


                          Thanks for all your help

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                            Instead of copying the folder, would it be an issue to take a backup and restore into the Repository service (Test) in 8.6.1. Also how would I resolve the issue if the codepage is MS Windows Latin in 8.6.1 and in the 9.5 it is UTF-8. When I try to enable the 9.5 respository which now points to the


                            Just to be clear on the steps:

                            *Create a schema INFA_A in database DEV_QA (this will be the 9.5 new repository)

                            *Create a repository service in 8.6.1 that points to INFA_A in DEV_QA

                            *Orig repository in 8.6.1 resides in repository INFA_B (ours in different database)

                            *In 8.6.1 restore INFA_B backup into INFA_A in DEV_QA

                            *disable respository service in 8.6.1

                            In 9.5 create repository service that points to INFA_A in DEV_QA

                            THIS is where I am getting the error because the codepage do not match.


                            Appreciate any info as soon as possible...