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    subscription to UMDS does not get messages from LBM

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      I have recently installed UMDS onto a server and have been able to successfully publish and subscribe using the test apps.


      Unfortunately, when I point the umdsreceive app at a topic which we are publishing on via LBM, I do not get any messages back.


      I have been running everything on the same server (a publisher, UMDS, & umdsrecieve) and have therefor been able to rule out any for firewall issues etc.


      I am running LBM version 4.2.6 & UMDS version 1.1.1 on a 64bit server running SUSE 11. I appreciate that this is a very old version and that this may be the problem. What version of UMS is UMDS 1.1.1 be compatible with?


      I have attached the cfg files as hopefully it is something trivial.


      Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


      Kind Regards,

      Stephen Smith