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    Developer 9.1 - Data Profiling - Problem copy paste results

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      we have installed Informatica Developer 9.1.

      We have execute several profiles, and when we consult the results in the area 'Colunm Proling' - 'Results', we want to copy - paste for trasladate them our own documentation. We find some problems:


      1. Informatica Developer doesn't select all the rows shown in the grid 'Column Profiling'. If you select one of them, you cannot copy - paste either.

      2. Export Data to file doesn't work. If you right-click in the results in the data viewer view it doesnt appear any option.

      3. In the Details Grid (Values, Patterns, Statistics) you can select all the rows, but copy-paste does`'t work.


      Does anybody know this problem?


      Thanks in advance.