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View Relationships Overview

The Relationships view describes the relationship between the selected asset and other assets in Enterprise Data Catalog. The view displays the asset relationships in a graphical form.
The related assets that you view for a selected asset depend on the asset type. For example, if the selected asset is a column, the Relationships view shows all the data domains, similar columns, business term, and users that are related to the column. If the selected asset is a data domain, the Relationships view shows all the columns, business term, users, and data domain groups that are related to the data domain.
By default, the Relationships view displays the relationships for the selected asset. You can hover the cursor over any related asset in the Relationships view for additional details such as the asset type, resource type, and the time and date the asset was last updated.
The Relationships view for a business term displays all the related technical assets, related glossary objects, classified assets, users, and data domains.