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User Collaboration on Assets Overview

Collaboration on assets provides you the ability to interact with the other users, share insights about the assets, ask queries related to the assets, follow up on all the asset changes, and certify the assets. You can collaborate on assets in Enterprise Data Catalog. Collaborate on assets by adding reviews, ratings, questions, following assets, and certifying assets. Collaboration on assets increases the visibility of the assets in the catalog.
Example 1. Business Example
You are a data steward who works in the retail industry, and business analysts in your enterprise need to analyze the product sales for the quarter. You need to prepare a report on the quarterly sales.
You log into Enterprise Data Catalog and search for tables, such as the Sales_details_Q1, Sales_details_Q2, and Sales_details_Q3, for your report. You want to know if the tables are reliable for the report. To find out if the tables are reliable, you view the reviews, ratings, or comments on the tables. You also ask a query to the data owner, data steward, or the subject matter expert of the tables.