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Search for Assets Overview

You can search for the required assets in the catalog. You can search based on the name of the asset or perform a generic search using the wildcard character asterisk (*) or the wildcard character question mark (?). Enterprise Data Catalog also displays probable matches when you type the name of a required asset.
When you choose to show details in the search results page, the page displays the details of the asset, such as the asset description, certify icon next to the asset name, rating for the asset, path to the asset, and type of the asset. From the search results displayed, you can sort the results based on the relevance and asset name. You can edit the properties of the selected assets to assign custom attributes and add a business title. You can use the search filters displayed to refine your search further based on the Certified Assets, Ratings, Resource Name, Asset Type, Resource Type, Last Updated, Rows, and Data Domains.
After finding the required asset, you can click the asset to view the profiling details, the lineage, and the relationship of the asset with other assets.