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Rate and Review Asset

You can rate and review assets based on a five-star scale in Enterprise Data Catalog. Rate and review an asset to provide feedback about the asset based on different aspects of the asset, such as the quality, applicability, usability, and availability of the asset.
For example, Lisa, a data analyst in a retail industry wants to prepare a report based on the coupon sales for the year 2018. In the catalog, she searches for assets which include the coupon sales details. Based on the findings, she finds out that a few tables are useful for her report. She then provides a five-star rating for the table assets and adds a review explaining why she found the assets useful for her report.
A user who has access to Enterprise Data Catalog can rate and review an asset. The data owner and user who adds a rating and review can delete the rating and review. When you rate and review an asset, you implicitly follow all the collaboration changes of the asset. The collaboration changes include other ratings and reviews about the asset, and questions and answers about the asset. You can mark a review as helpful if you find the review useful. You can rate and review data assets, such as the tables, views, files, and reports.
After you rate and review an asset, catalog displays the average asset ratings under the asset name in the Overview tab and Search Results page. You can also filter assets based on the ratings in the Search Results page.

Rating and Reviewing an Asset

You can rate and review an asset in the Overview tab of the asset. You can add a review only after you rate an asset or you can choose to only rate the asset. You can add a single review about an asset. To add another review, you have to replace the existing review.
    1. From the Search Resultspage, open the asset that you want to rate and review.
    The asset opens in the Overview tab.
    2. In the Reviews section, enter the review in the review box, and then rate the asset using the five-star rating next to the review box.
    3. Optionally, you can just rate the asset using the five-star ratings.
    4. Click Submit.
    5. Optionally, you might want to replace your existing review. To replace your existing review, enter the review in the review box and rate the asset.
    6. Click Submit.
    The Replace Review dialog box appears.
    7. Click OK to confirm.
    Enterprise Data Catalog replaces your existing review and ratings.

Deleting a Review

A user who rates and reviews an asset and data owner can delete the review.
To delete a review, click the () icon under the review, and then click OK in the Delete Review dialog box.