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Informatica Resources

Informatica provides you with a range of product resources through the Informatica Network and other online portals. Use the resources to get the most from your Informatica products and solutions and to learn from other Informatica users and subject matter experts.

Informatica Network

The Informatica Network is the gateway to many resources, including the Informatica Knowledge Base and Informatica Global Customer Support. To enter the Informatica Network, visit https://network.informatica.com.
As an Informatica Network member, you have the following options:

Informatica Knowledge Base

Use the Informatica Knowledge Base to find product resources such as how-to articles, best practices, video tutorials, and answers to frequently asked questions.
To search the Knowledge Base, visit https://search.informatica.com. If you have questions, comments, or ideas about the Knowledge Base, contact the Informatica Knowledge Base team at KB_Feedback@informatica.com.

Informatica Documentation

Use the Informatica Documentation Portal to explore an extensive library of documentation for current and recent product releases. To explore the Documentation Portal, visit https://docs.informatica.com.
Informatica maintains documentation for many products on the Informatica Knowledge Base in addition to the Documentation Portal. If you cannot find documentation for your product or product version on the Documentation Portal, search the Knowledge Base at https://search.informatica.com.
If you have questions, comments, or ideas about the product documentation, contact the Informatica Documentation team at infa_documentation@informatica.com.

Informatica Product Availability Matrices

Product Availability Matrices (PAMs) indicate the versions of the operating systems, databases, and types of data sources and targets that a product release supports. You can browse the Informatica PAMs at https://network.informatica.com/community/informatica-network/product-availability-matrices.

Informatica Velocity

Informatica Velocity is a collection of tips and best practices developed by Informatica Professional Services and based on real-world experiences from hundreds of data management projects. Informatica Velocity represents the collective knowledge of Informatica consultants who work with organizations around the world to plan, develop, deploy, and maintain successful data management solutions.
You can find Informatica Velocity resources at http://velocity.informatica.com. If you have questions, comments, or ideas about Informatica Velocity, contact Informatica Professional Services at ips@informatica.com.

Informatica Marketplace

The Informatica Marketplace is a forum where you can find solutions that extend and enhance your Informatica implementations. Leverage any of the hundreds of solutions from Informatica developers and partners on the Marketplace to improve your productivity and speed up time to implementation on your projects. You can find the Informatica Marketplace at https://marketplace.informatica.com.

Informatica Global Customer Support

You can contact a Global Support Center by telephone or through the Informatica Network.
To find your local Informatica Global Customer Support telephone number, visit the Informatica website at the following link: https://www.informatica.com/services-and-training/customer-success-services/contact-us.html.
To find online support resources on the Informatica Network, visit https://network.informatica.com and select the eSupport option.