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Enterprise Data Catalog Overview

Enterprise Data Catalog helps you analyze and understand large volumes of metadata in the enterprise. You can extract physical and operational metadata for many objects, organize the metadata based on business concepts, and view the data lineage and relationship information for each object. Enterprise Data Catalog maintains a catalog. The catalog serves as a centralized repository that stores all the metadata extracted from different external sources.
Enterprise Data Catalog extracts metadata from external sources such as databases, data warehouses, business glossaries, data integration resources, or business intelligence reports. For ease of search, the catalog maintains an indexed inventory of all the assets in an enterprise. Assets represent the data objects such as tables, columns, reports, views, and schemas. Metadata and statistical information in the catalog include profile results, information about data domains, and information about data relationships.
You can use Enterprise Data Catalog to perform the following tasks on the catalog:

Enterprise Data Catalog User Interface

The following image shows the user interface of Enterprise Data Catalog with sample search results:
The Enterprise Data Catalog page with sample search results.
    1. List of open assets
    2. Go back to the search results from any view
    3. Return to the Home screen
    4. Filters used to refine your search
    5. Search results
    6. View more details for an asset
    7. Sort listed assets based on different attributes
    8. Edit properties for selected assets
    9. Customize Enterprise Data Catalog search filters and the detailed view of an asset
    10. Search for assets from any view
    11. Hide or display icon names