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Configures custom database clients and the Informatica domain to use the specified custom Kerberos libraries instead of the default libraries that Informatica uses.
To use custom Kerberos libraries, do the following:
  1. 1. Copy the custom Kerberos libraries you want to use to each node, or to a location that is accessible to all nodes in the Informatica domain.
  2. 2. Shut down the domain.
  3. 3. Run the infasetup updateMitKerberosLinkage command on each node in the domain.
  4. 4. Start the domain after running the command on all nodes in the domain.
The updateMitKerberosLinkage command uses the following syntax:

<-useKeberos|-krb> true|false

[<-mitKerberosDirectory|-mkd> kerberos_library_directory]
The following table describes the infasetup updateMitKerberosLinkage options and arguments:
Required. Boolean value. Set this value to true if the Informatica domain uses Kerberos authentication. If true, Informatica processes make Kerberos calls with the default Kerberos libraries or the libraries in the directory specified with the -mkd option.
Set this value to false if the Informatica domain does not use Kerberos. If false, Informatica does not load Kerberos libraries. Third-party clients, such as database clients, perform Kerberos calls with the libraries specified in the directory specified with the -mkd option.
Optional. The directory that contains the custom MIT Kerberos libraries. The directory must contain the library files. You cannot use symbolic links.
If the -krb option is true, ensure that the custom Kerberos libraries that you want to use are the same version number as the Kerberos libraries that Informatica uses by default.
If there are multiple versions of the same library, all versions must be the same size and have the same checksum. For instance, if the directory contains two versions of libkrb5, such as and, then both libraries should have the same file size and checksum value.
If the specified directory is empty, the command removes all custom Kerberos libraries from the Informatica domain.