Command Reference > infacmd mrs Command Reference > setMappingExecutionEnvironment


Specifies the mapping execution environment for mappings that you run from the Developer tool.
Use filters to update one or more mappings in a project. If you do not include filters, the command updates all mappings that are not deployed to the Data Integration Service. A mapping must match all specified filters to be modified.
The infacmd mrs setMappingExecutionEnvironment uses the following syntax:
<-DomainName|-dn> domain_name
[<-SecurityDomain|-sdn> security_domain]
<-UserName|-un> user_name
<-Password|-pd> password
<-ServiceName|-sn> service_name
[<-ProjectName|-pn> project_name]
[<-MappingNamesFilter|-mnf> mapping_names]
<-ExecutionEnvironment|-ee> execution_environment_name
[<-ResilienceTimeout|-re> timeout_period_in_seconds]
The following table describes the setMappingExecutionEnvironment options and arguments:
Required. Name of the Informatica domain. You can set the domain name with the -dn option or the environment variable INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN. If you set a domain name with both methods, the -dn option takes precedence.
Required if the domain uses LDAP authentication. Optional if the domain uses native authentication or Kerberos authentication. Name of the security domain to which the domain user belongs. You can set a security domain with the -sdn option or the environment variable INFA_DEFAULT_SECURITY_DOMAIN. If you set a security domain name with both methods, the -sdn option takes precedence. The security domain name is case sensitive.
If the domain uses native or LDAP authentication, the default is Native. If the domain uses Kerberos authentication, the default is the LDAP security domain created during installation. The name of the security domain is the same as the user realm specified during installation.
Required if the domain uses Native or LDAP authentication. User name to connect to the domain. You can set the user name with the -un option or the environment variable INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN_USER. If you set a user name with both methods, the -un option takes precedence.
Optional if the domain uses Kerberos authentication. To run the command with single sign-on, do not set the user name. If you set the user name, the command runs without single sign-on.
Required if you specify the user name. Password for the user name. The password is case sensitive. You can set a password with the -pd option or the environment variable INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN_PASSWORD. If you set a password with both methods, the password set with the -pd option takes precedence.
Required. Name of the Model Repository Service.
Optional. Name of the project that contains the mapping. If you do not specify a project name, the command updates all projects in the Model repository.
Optional. The names of mappings that you want to set the execution environment for. Separate mapping names with commas.
Default is all mappings in the Model repository.
Required. Name of the execution environment to set. Choose either native or hadoop.
Optional. Amount of time in seconds that infacmd attempts to establish or re-establish a connection to the domain. If you omit this option, infacmd uses the timeout value specified in the INFA_CLIENT_RESILIENCE_TIMEOUT environment variable. If no value is specified in the environment variable, the default of 180 seconds is used.