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infacmd UpdateGatewayInfo

Updates the domain information file from the command line.
Run infacmd isp UpdateGatewayInfo to create a domains.infa file or update a domains.infa file. The domains.infa file contains the connectivity information for a gateway node in a domain along with the TLS and Kerberos configuration of the domain. The connectivity information includes the domain name, domain host name, and domain host HTTP port.
You might need to generate a domains.infa file to run infacmd oie commands on a client machine. To generate the domains.infa file, run infacmd isp UpdateGatewayInfo. The updateGatewayInfo command generates a domains.infa file in the DeveloperClient directory. Define the domain gateway host name and port when you run the command.
The infacmd UpdateGatewayInfo command uses the following syntax:

<-DomainName|-dn> domain_name

<-GatewayAddress|-dg> domain_gateway_host:port


The following table describes infacmd UpdateGatewayInfo options and arguments:
Required. Name of the Informatica domain. You can set the domain name with the -dn option or the environment variable INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN. If you set a domain name with both methods, the -dn option takes precedence.
Required. Enter the gateway address in the following format:
Optional. Updates or creates the domains.infa file even when the connection to the domain fails. The ‑Force option sets the Kerberos and TLS enabled options as false in the domains.infa file if the connection to domain fails. If you do not specify the ‑Force option, the command does not update the domains.infa file if the connection to the domain fails.