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infacmd Command Programs

The infacmd program supports all Informatica application services. The Informatica domain has a separate infacmd programs to support each application service.
The command line interface has the following infacmd programs:

infacmd ListPlugins

Each infacmd program has a plugin identifier. When you run the program, you include the plugin ID as part of the program name.
For example, dis is the plugin ID for the Data Integration Services infacmd program.
For example, to run a command that lists deployed applications, run the infacmd dis ListApplications command:
infacmd dis ListApplications -dn domain_name -un user_name -d password -sn Data_Integration_Service_Name
To list the plugin IDs, enter the following command:
infacmd (.sh) ListPlugins
To list the valid commands for a plugin, enter the following command:
infacmd(.sh) plugin_ID Help
To display help for one command, enter the following command:
infacmd(.sh) plugin_ID CommandName Help