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Unlocks a native or an LDAP user account. When you unlock a native user account, you can also provide a new password for the account.
You can unlock a user account after you shut down the domain from the gateway node.
The infasetup UnlockUser command uses the following syntax:

<-UserName|-un> user_name

[<-SecurityDomain|-sdn] security domain]

[<-NewPassword|-np] new_password]
The following table describes the infasetup UnlockUser options and arguments:
Required. User name of the locked account. The value is case sensitive.
security domain
Required if the domain uses LDAP authentication. Optional if the domain uses native authentication or Kerberos authentication. Name of the security domain to which the domain user belongs. You can set a security domain with the -sdn option or the environment variable INFA_DEFAULT_SECURITY_DOMAIN. If you set a security domain name with both methods, the -sdn option takes precedence. The security domain name is case sensitive.
If the domain uses native or LDAP authentication, the default is Native. If the domain uses Kerberos authentication, the default is the LDAP security domain created during installation. The name of the security domain is the same as the user realm specified during installation.
Optional. New password for the locked native account.