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Changes the name of an existing connection. When you use SwitchConnection, the Repository Service replaces the relational database connections for all sessions using the connection in one of the following locations:
If the repository contains both relational and application connections with the same name and you specified the connection type as relational in all locations in the repository, the Repository Service replaces the relational connection.
For example, you have a relational and an application source, each called ITEMS. In a session, you specified the name ITEMS for a relational source connection instead of Relational:ITEMS. When you use SwitchConnection to replace the relational connection ITEMS with another relational connection, pmrep does not replace any relational connection in the repository because it cannot determine the connection type for the source connection entered as ITEMS.
The SwitchConnection command uses the following syntax:

-o <old_connection_name>

-n <new_connection_name>
The following table describes pmrep SwitchConnection options and arguments:
Required. Name of the connection you want to change.
Required. New connection name.