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Rolls back a deployment to purge deployed versions of objects from the target repository. Use this command to roll back all the objects in a deployment group that you deployed at a specific date and time.
You cannot roll back part of the deployment. To roll back, you must connect to the target repository. You cannot roll back a deployment from a non-versioned repository.
To initiate a rollback, you must roll back the latest version of each object.
The RollbackDeployment command uses the following syntax:
pmrep rollbackdeployment -p <deployment_group_name> -t <nth_latest_deploy_run> -r <repository_name> -v <nth_latest_version_of_deployment_group>
The following table describes the pmrep RollbackDeployment options and arguments:
Required. Name of the deployment group to roll back.
Required. Version of the deployment you want to roll back.
Optional. Name of the source repository from where you deploy the deployment group.
Optional. Version of the deployment group you want to roll back.


You have a deployment with five versions and want to rollback the last two versions. To do this, you must first roll back the latest deployment. Enter the following text at the prompt to roll back once and purge the last deployment:
rollbackdeployment -p Deploy_sales -t 1
Next, enter the following text to roll back the next to last deployment:
rollbackdeployment -p Deploy_sales -t 2