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The INFA_REPCNX_INFO environment variable applies to the pmrep command line program.
When you run pmrep in command line mode or from a script, it stores repository connection information in a file, pmrep.cnx. pmrep uses the information in this file to reconnect to the repository. The INFA_REPCNX_INFO environment variable stores the file name and file path for the repository connection file. Each time you run pmrep connect, the command deletes the pmrep.cnx file. If the pmrep connect command succeeds, the command replaces the pmrep.cnx file with the repository connection information.
Use this variable when scripts that issue pmrep commands run simultaneously, and the scripts connect to different repositories. In each shell, specify a different repository connection file. This prevents a script from overwriting the connection information used by another script.
If you do not set this environment variable, pmrep stores connection information in pmrep.cnx in the home directory. If you want to set the pmrep.cnx file in another location, specify the file path using the INFA_REPCNX_INFO environment variable.


To configure INFA_REPCNX_INFO on UNIX:
    bulletIn a UNIX C shell environment, type:
    setenv INFA_REPCNX_INFO <file name>
    In a UNIX Bourne shell environment, type:
    INFA_REPCNX_INFO = <file name>

Configuring INFA_REPCNX_INFO on Windows

To configure INFA_REPCNX_INFO on Windows:
    bulletIn a DOS shell, type:
    set INFA_REPCNX_INFO = <file name>