Command Reference > infacmd isp Command Reference > GetSystemLogDirectory


Returns the path of the system log directory.
You must enter this command on the domain for which you want to fetch the system log directory path.
The infacmd isp GetSystemLogDirectory command uses the following syntax:
[<-OutputFile|-o> output_file]
When you use the command without the -o option, the command prints the directory path to the command window. When you use the -o option to specify an output file, you provide the file name and path for the output file. For example:
isp\bin\infacmd.bat getSystemLogDirectory -o c:\sys_log_dir.txt
The command creates a file, sys_log_dir.txt, in the path that you specify, and prints the path of the system log directory in the file. If the file exists, the command overwrites the file.