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Generate an encryption key to secure sensitive data, such as passwords, in the Informatica domain.
The GenerateEncryptionKey command uses the following syntax:

<-Keyword|-kw> keyword

<-DomainName|-dn> domain_name

[<-EncryptionKeyLocation|-kl> encryption_key_location]
The following table describes infasetup GenerateEncryptionKey options and arguments:
Required. The text string used as the base word from which to generate an encryption key.
The keyword must meet the following criteria:
  • - From 8 to 20 characters long
  • - Includes at least one uppercase letter
  • - Includes at least one lowercase letter
  • - Includes at least one number
  • - Does not contain spaces
Required. Name of the domain.
Optional. Directory that contains the current encryption key. The name of the encryption file is sitekey.
Informatica renames the current sitekey file to sitekey_old and generates an encryption key in a new file named sitekey in the same directory.
To run the command again when there are at least two sitekey files in the directory, ensure that you back up the sitekey files. You can then run the command to create the sitekey file before you restore the backup sitekey files.