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Generates the ABAP program for a mapping with SAP table as the source and saves the program as a file. The GenerateAbapProgramToFile command generates the ABAP program for a mapping in the PowerCenter repository. The generated program is saved as a file. You can use the GenerateAbapProgramToFile command for mappings that use SAP tables as the source.
The naming convention for the file is mappingname_<version>_<program_mode>.ab4. You must enclose the path and the file name in double quotes. After you generate the ABAP program and save it to a file, use the InstallAbapProgram command to install it on an SAP system.
The GenerateAbapProgramToFile command uses the following syntax:

-s <folder_name>

-m <mapping_name>

[-v <version_number>]

[-l <log_filename>]

-u <user_name>

-x <password>

-c <connect_string>

-t <client>

[-y <language>]

-p <program_mode (file, stream)>

-f <output_file_location>

{-e (enable override)

-o <override_name> }

[-a (authority check)]

[-n (use namespace)]

The following table describes pmrep GenerateAbapProgramToFile options and arguments:
Required. The name of the folder that contains the mapping for which the ABAP program needs to be generated.
Required. Name of the mapping.
Optional. Version number of the mapping. Default is the latest version.
Optional. Name of the log file where the information or error messages are written. By default, the log file is created in the directory where you run the command.
Required. SAP source system connection user name. Must be a user for which you have created a source system connection.
Required. Password for the user name. Use the command line program pmpasswd to encrypt the user password.
Required. DEST entry defined in the sapnwrfc.ini file for a connection to a specific SAP application server or for a connection that uses SAP load balancing.
Required. SAP client number.
Optional. SAP Logon language. Must be compatible with the PowerCenter Client code page. Default is the language of the SAP system.
program_mode (file, stream)
Required. Mode in which the PowerCenter Integration Service extracts data from the SAP system. Select file or stream.
Required. Location in the local machine where you want to save the ABAP program file.
Optional. Overrides the default ABAP program file name.
Required if you enable override. ABAP program file name.
Optional. Adds authority checks to the ABAP program.
Optional. Appends a namespace that you registered with SAP to the ABAP program name.


The following example generates an ABAP program and saves it to a file:
generateabapprogramtofile -s folder_name -m mapping_name -l logfile_name -u user_name -x password -c connect_string -t 800 -y EN -p stream -e -o program_name -n -a -f "C:\<informatica_installation_dir>\ABAP_prog"