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Creates a Model Repository Service. Before you create the Model Repository Service, you need to create a database to store repository tables. Use the database client to create the database.
Each Model repository must meet the following database requirements:
The infacmd mrs CreateService command uses the following syntax:

<-DomainName|-dn> domain_name

<-NodeName|-nn> node_name

[<-SecurityDomain|-sdn> security_domain]

<-UserName|-un> user_name

<-Password|-pd> password

<-ServiceName|-sn> service_name

<-DbUser|-du> db_user

<-DbPassword|-dp> db_password

<-DbUrl|-dl> db_url

[<-DbDriver|-dr> db_driver]

[<-DbDialect|-dd> db_dialect]

[<-SearchIndexRoot|-si> search_index_root]

[<-DbType|-dt> db_type]

[<-DbSchema|-ds> db_schema]

[<-DbTablespace|-db> db_tablespace (used for DB2 only)]

[<-ResilienceTimeout|-re> timeout_period_in_seconds]

[<-FolderPath|-fp> full_folder_path]

[<-BackupNodes|-bn> nodename1,nodename2,...]
The following table describes infacmd mrs CreateService options and arguments:
Required. Name of the Informatica domain. You can set the domain name with the -dn option or the environment variable INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN. If you set a domain name with both methods, the -dn option takes precedence.
Required. Node where you want to run the Model Repository Service to run.
Required if the domain uses LDAP authentication. Optional if the domain uses native authentication or Kerberos authentication. Name of the security domain to which the domain user belongs. You can set a security domain with the -sdn option or the environment variable INFA_DEFAULT_SECURITY_DOMAIN. If you set a security domain name with both methods, the -sdn option takes precedence. The security domain name is case sensitive.
If the domain uses native or LDAP authentication, the default is Native. If the domain uses Kerberos authentication, the default is the LDAP security domain created during installation. The name of the security domain is the same as the user realm specified during installation.
Required if the domain uses Native or LDAP authentication. User name to connect to the domain. You can set the user name with the -un option or the environment variable INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN_USER. If you set a user name with both methods, the -un option takes precedence.
Optional if the domain uses Kerberos authentication. To run the command with single sign-on, do not set the user name. If you set the user name, the command runs without single sign-on.
Required if you specify the user name. Password for the user name. The password is case sensitive. You can set a password with the -pd option or the environment variable INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN_PASSWORD. If you set a password with both methods, the password set with the -pd option takes precedence.
Required. Model Repository Service name.
Required. Account for the repository database. Set up this account using the database client.
Required. Repository database password for the database user.
The JDBC connection string used to connect to the Model repository database.
Use the following JDBC connect string syntax for each supported database:
  • - IBM DB2. jdbc:informatica:db2://<host_name>:<port_number>;DatabaseName=<database_name>;BatchPerformanceWorkaround=true;DynamicSections=3000
  • - Microsoft SQL Server that uses the default instance. jdbc:informatica:sqlserver://<host_name>:<port_number>;DatabaseName=<database_name>;SnapshotSerializable=true
  • - Microsoft SQL Server that uses a named instance. jdbc:informatica:sqlserver://<host_name>\<named_instance_name>;DatabaseName=<database_name>;SnapshotSerializable=true
  • - Oracle. jdbc:informatica:oracle://<host_name>:<port_number>;SID=<database_name>;MaxPooledStatements=20;CatalogOptions=0;BatchPerformanceWorkaround=true
Optional. The Data Direct driver to connect to the database. For example:
Optional. The SQL dialect for a particular database. The dialect maps java objects to database objects.
For example:
Optional. Changes the directory for the search index. Enter the full path to the directory. Default is the Informatica installation directory.
Optional. Values are Oracle, SQL Server, or DB2.
Optional. The schema name for a Microsoft SQL Server database.
Required for a DB2 database only. When you configure a tablespace name, the Model Repository Service creates all repository tables in the same tablespace. You cannot use spaces in the tablespace name.
Optional. Amount of time in seconds that infacmd attempts to establish or reestablish a connection to the domain. You can set the resilience timeout period with the -re option or the environment variable INFA_CLIENT_RESILIENCE_TIMEOUT. If you set the resilience timeout period with both methods, the -re option takes precedence.
Optional. Full path, excluding the domain name, to the folder in which you want to create the service. Must be in the following format:
Default is “/” (the domain).
Optional. Nodes on which the service can run if the primary node is unavailable. You can configure backup nodes if you have high availability.