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This section describes the enhancements and depreciations made in ActiveVOS, and any action that you need to take.
Struts Version
ActiveVOS uses Struts version 2.5.13 for enhanced security.
JQuery Version
ActiveVOS uses JQuery version 3.3.1 and JQuery UI version 1.12.1
If you have created custom forms, or, if you have manually modified forms, human task forms, or reports created by the Informatica Eclipse developer, you might face an issue because of the JQuery upgrade. If you use forms generated by Informatica Eclipse developer, without modification, you will not face any issue.
Important:If your organization uses either of the following artefacts you must take action:
First upgrade to ActiveVOS version on a test server and check that the forms work. If the forms work, perform the ActiveVOS upgrade on the production server. If you face issues, edit the forms using a JQuery update guide and then upgrade to ActiveVOS version on the production server.
Use one of the following JQuery update guides:
Deprecated: Guide Editor in ActiveVOS Designer
The guide editor in ActiveVOS Designer is deprecated.
The guides you created using the guide editor still exist. You can edit them and create new guides on the ActiveVOS Central Screenflow tool.
Deprecated: Guide Mobile Theme
The guide mobile theme is deprecated.
Important: You might still see the mobile theme in ActiveVOS. Do not select it.
Apache Tomcat Server Version
Version 8.0 of Apache Tomcat is the default version if you install ActiveVOS on an Apache Tomcat server.
The maxActive and maxWait database connection pool settings have been renamed to maxTotal and maxWaitMillis in version 8.0.
Important:If you run ActiveVOS on Apache Tomcat version 7.0, you must perform some manual steps as a result of the attribute name changes. See the Apache Tomcat section of the Installation topic for details.
Oracle Weblogic
Important: If you are an Oracle WebLogic 12.1.3 customer, set the following JVM startup property: