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Migrating to ActiveVOS

Upgrading an Existing ActiveVOS Server

TYou must run a migration script if upgrading from ActiveVOS 9.2.4 as there is a database schema update. The migration script is available with the installer.
To upgrade from an earlier version of ActiveVOS Server, review "Migrating from a Previous Version" located in the Configuration topic.

Required Action: Upgrade Database Schemas

Current customers upgrading to from a release prior to version 9.2.4 who are not using Screenflow but intend to purchase it in the future must execute the following DDL statement:
[installationDirectory]/server-enterprise/[appsvr]/ddls/create_repository_ [yourdb].ddl
Depending on your current patch level, portions of this patch may fail because indexes being created already exist. You can safely ignore these errors.

Migrating an Existing ActiveVOS Designer Workspace

A simple migration procedure is required in order to update the path and startup settings for the ActiveVOS embedded server:
  1. 1. In the Designer Servers view, right click on the ActiveVOS Server at localhost then click DeleteRight click and select New > ServerClick the Configure runtime environments link in the New Server dialog.
  2. 2. Remove the existing embedded server from the Preferences dialog.
  3. 3. Click AddSelect ActiveVOS_Embedded_Server, then click FinishClick Finish on the New Server dialog to add the new server.